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Customs Clearance
Importing  household and personal effects in a country in the EU means that one has to deal with the rules the EU countries have adopted individually. Unfortunately, the Netherlands at this point have fairly strict and complex regulations concerning customs clearance, which contrasts negatively with many of the other EU partners.
In contrast to the UK, where completing a simple C3 form is sufficient for  duty free import of household and personal effects, the Netherlands has a procedure that presents a long list of documents required.

You can apply for an Exemption from Duties and Taxes for  household and personal effects.

In order to be granted this exemption there are some restrictions that will apply, such as

For a fixed rate of € 185,00 excl 21% VAT we gladly arrange the customs clearance for you. We will supply you with the neccesary documents, collect and check everything and do the customs application