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Moving to Amsterdam

Moving in Amsterdam is not a picnic in the park; it’s not the kind of job you can leave to any removals company. You want qualified professionals who know how to get the work done right.
A mover in Amsterdam has to know how to deal with specialized circumstances. For example, how to get into an apartment from the 4th floor at the rear side that’s facing one of the canals, or how to make your way through the seeming jungle of neighbourhoods with their typical narrow alleys and one-way streets;

Every part of the city has its own rules and requires different permits for moving. Due to the strict, new environmental regulations, only the most modern trucks and vans can be driven into town or, as a matter of fact, into any of the other historical cities in the region.
As our name suggests, Amsterdam Removal is a company you can completely trust to do the job: Moving into and within the Amsterdam metropolitan area is our daily business.

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International Relocation

If you move to Amsterdam from another country, we have fixed prices for unloading containers as shown below. If your furniture is transported by “a man with a van”, we can assist the driver with unloading it.


unloading container 20 ft to ground floor € 750,00

surcharge moving to a floor with a moving lift € 200,00
40ft to ground flour € 1500,00
surcharge moving to a floor with a moving lift € 400,00

customs clearance € 185,00

unpacking furniture or boxes € 35,00 per man per hour
collecting and return container in Rotterdam harbour € 950,00 (to Amsterdam)
disposal of packing material per m3 € 80,00

These prices are exclusive 21 % VAT and city permits. Amsterdam is divided into 7  different districts, each one with its own permits and rules. The most expensive permit is currently € 250,-


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