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Permit for moving in Amsterdam


If you move in Amsterdam you will probably need a permit to park your moving van or moving truck.

This can be a permit the block a street or a canal, an application for “do not park here signs” at the day of the move or a special key to remove poles.

If you don’t speak Dutch or if you don’t know where to apply for the moving permit in Amsterdam, this can be a pretty annoying job.

If you let us do your move, it’s part of our service to arrange this for you for free, apart from the municipal fees, of course.

Costs Moving Permit Amsterdam

The cost for a moving permit in Amsterdam depend on what kind of permit you need. If you need to block the street you’ll get a different rate than if you need to reserve parking space.

1 thing is for sure. It is expensive. The municipality just raised their rate and now the cheapest permit is around € 350,- and the most expensive permit is € 500,-.

If you speak Dutch, you can apply for the permit yourself with this link . If you don’t we can do this for you. Free of costs, if you let us do your move in Amsterdam