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Moving Company Amstelveen


7,5 % of the people that live in Amstelveen is an expat.
Our company is called Amsterdam Removal, but it might be better to change it in Amstelveen Removal.
We move many families with children at the International school and lots of expats who live and work in Amstelveen.
You can contact us for all kind of removals in Amstelveen.

From a budget move with only a few things to move to full service removals with packing and unpacking.

Also your international relocation is in safe hands with us.

So, if you move to-, in- or from Amstelveen, please contact us for a quote. Our rates are competitive and we belong to the best reviewed moving companies in the Netherlands.

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Reliable Moving Company Amstelveen

One of the most important things for a moving company in Haarlem is being reliable.  And reliable is what we are. Our clients reward us with a 9.7 out of 10 points for reliabilty.

We show up on time, we do the move in the timeframe we agreed and our staff is honest.

Affordable moving company Amstelveen

If you’re looking for a moving company in Amstelveen that you can afford, look no further. Our rates are very competive. Please contact us for an appointment for a survey or get our swift Whatsapp quote on this website.

Moving company with Moving lift in Amstelveen

When you live in an appartment with a small elavator it might be easy to use a moving lift.

We have moving lifts that reach up to the 5th floor. It can carry 200 kgs, so all heavy furniture can be moved out easily. So if you’re looking for a moving company in Amstelveen with a moving lift. Give us a call.