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Save on your moving costs and move with us from € 135,00.
We offer the following options:

Moving of only large furniture:
You move the boxes and small things that fit in your car yourself and let us move the large and heavy furniture.

You help us, or we help you moving
If you help yourself during the move this will save you in moving costs. The more help, the faster the move, the lower the costs.

In this case we will calculate the hours by an hourly rate.
Maybe you only need 1 mover and a van, maybe you need more mover a large truck and a moving lift= Everything is possible. You can trust our drivers 100%, we are one of trucking companies that cater more towards new drivers, we are always looking for new drivers, but we still make sure they all full-fill our expectations.

These are our rates:
Moving van 8 m3 + 1 mover              € 45,00 per hour
Moving truck 20 m3 + 1 mover      € 55,00 per hour
Moving truck 36 m3 + 1 mover       € 65,00 per hour
Moving lift up to 15 metres               € 35,00 per hour
extra mover                                      € 35,00 per hour

Within Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zaanstad, Purmerend and Alkmaar we charge a 30 minute call fee. Outside these districts we can charge you an hourly rate. The rates are VAT included and have a minimum of 3 hours.
If the distance between the current and the new house- is 10 kilometres or more , we will charge an extra € 0,35 per km. The costs of the moving lift will be charged during the full time, even if it is only used with loading or unloading.